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The Best Dad Jokes

Last Updated: February 22, 2021

As the name suggests, a dad joke is a type of joke, stereotypically told from the perspective of a dad or middle-aged man. Dad jokes are funny because of their use of unoriginal humor and overused puns.

Our list contains a variety of the best dad jokes that we could find, these jokes should get a groan-worthy reaction from the audience. A good dad joke can be measured by a groan, eye-rolling and any generally any negative reaction.

Our Funniest Dad Jokes

Our top selection of dad jokes which are guaranteed to make you laugh.

One-line Dad Jokes

A selection of concise and straight forward dad jokes delivered in a single line.

More Hilarious Dad Jokes

More standard dad jokes, perfect for any sense of humour incorporating a mix of corny puns and dry humor.

Jokes for dads to their sons

Finally we end our collection with this subtype of dad joke, which are specifically written to be answered by a dad. If your son asks you one of these questions be prepared with these corny answers!

Dad Jokes Reactions

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