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For the story of where began, I have to take you back some years to the middle of 2015. My personal humour at the time was very pun-based and often I was caught telling groan-worthy puns to my friends without even realising.

After constant puns being told day after day, I decided to design and create a simple and effective website for storing my collection of puns. The website had a constant loop of puns as well as all the puns seperated into categories pages for easier browsing. website started to get some traction and gain popularity for being a source of puns on the internet. In 2017 I decided to expand the content of the website from exclusively puns to include funny jokes, cheesy pick up lines and many other types of funny pages.

At the start of 2021 I realised had been left for too long without sufficient updates. I proceeded to rewrite the majority of the content towards the original goal of the site, to provide the funniest jokes and best puns for the visitors of the website.

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