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Last Updated: February 24, 2021

Our hand-picked list of the funniest jokes that we could find, ranked based on how funny they are to you. These short and clever jokes are have been selected for the soul purpose of making people laugh, make sure you tell these jokes to your friends and family to get them giggling too.

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Top 10 Funniest Jokes

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  1. Today at the bank, an old lady asked me to help check her balance. So I pushed her over.

    Funny joke about an old lady
  2. I bought some shoes from a drug dealer. I don't know what he laced them with, but I've been tripping all day.
  3. I told my girlfriend she drew her eyebrows too high. She seemed surprised.
  4. My dog used to chase people on a bike a lot. It got so bad, finally I had to take his bike away.
  5. I'm so good at sleeping. I can do it with my eyes closed.
  6. My boss told me to have a good day.. so I went home.

    Funny joke about work
  7. Why is Peter Pan always flying? He neverlands.
  8. A woman walks into a library and asked if they had any books about paranoia. The librarian says "They're right behind you!"
  9. The other day, my wife asked me to pass her lipstick but I accidentally passed her a glue stick. She still isn't talking to me.
  10. Why do blind people hate skydiving? It scares the hell out of their dogs.

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