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55 Funny Dinosaur Puns, Jokes & One Liners

Last Updated: July 19, 2023

A selection of funny dinosaur related humor - this list of puns, one-liners and jokes are great for both dino enthusiasts or children who have a roaring passion for dinosaurs!

Funny Dinosaur Puns

  1. What do you call a T-Rex who can’t accept defeat? A saur loser.
    Funny Dinosaur Pun
  2. What do you call a dinosaur with one eye? Do-you-think-he-saurus.
  3. What do you call the dog of a dinosaur with one eye? Do-you-think-he-saurus rex.
  4. What does a dinosaur with sleep apnea do? He dino-snores.
  5. What do you call a dinosaur who eats curry too often? Mega-Sore-Ass.
  6. Why can’t you hear a Pterodactyl go to the bathroom? Because the pee is silent!
  7. What do you call it when a dinossaur has a car accident? A tyrannosaurus wreck!
  8. Why are dinosaurs never overweight? They’re surrounded by scales.
  9. What do you call a short spiky dinosaur who fell down the stairs? Ankle-is-sore-us.
  10. What do you call a dinosaur who's a noisy sleeper? A Tyranno-snorus!
    Funny pun about sleeping dinosaurs
  11. What did the dinosaur say to the cashier? Keep the climate change.
  12. What do you call the ghost of a dinosaur? A scaredactyl.
  13. Why was the teenage dinosaur so moody? ROARmones.
  14. Where did the dinosaur clown get a job? At the carnivore.
  15. How did the triceratops speed up his computer? He gave it a good RAM.
  16. Why did the Archaeopteryx catch the worm? Because it was an early bird.
  17. What else do you call a dinosaur fart? A blast from the past.
  18. What was the name of the fastest dinosaur? The prontosaur
  19. What do you get if you cross a dinosaur with a pig? Jurassic Pork.
  20. What do you call a dinosaur that takes care of its teeth? A Floss-i-raptor.

Pun-based Dinosaur One Liners

  1. A British dinosaur is called a tea rex.
    Pun one-liner about a british dinosaur.
  2. Jurassic times call for Jurassic measures.
  3. I dino what to tell ya.
  4. A group of singing dinosaurs is called a tyranno-chorus.
  5. Here is your dinosaur toy! Would you like it gift raptor not?
  6. You laugh now, but the skeletal remains of dinosaurs don’t find it humerus.
  7. I’m a nervous rex when you’re around.
  8. After a dinosaur works out, it’s dino-sore.
    Funny one liner about a dinosaur working out.
  9. A dinosaur that knows a lot of words is a thesaurus.
  10. When you mix a dog and a dinosaur, you get a terrier-dactyl.
  11. A dinosaur that’s willing to give it a shot is a try-ceratops.
  12. The scariest dinosaur is a terror-dactyl.
  13. After a breakup, it’s a tyrannosaurus ex.
  14. Can you do it? You bet Jurassican.
  15. If Harry Potter was a dinosaur, he’d be a dinosaur-cerer.

Funny Dinosaur Jokes

  1. What is a dinosaur’s least favorite reindeer? Comet!
    Funny dinosaur joke about a comet
  2. How do dinosaurs pay their bills? With "Tyrannosaurus checks"!
  3. How do you ask a dinosaur to lunch? "Tea, Rex?"
  4. What’s a dinosaur’s favorite drink? Rex on the beach!
  5. Why did the Tyrannosaurus Rex cross the road? Because the chickens hadn’t evolved yet.
  6. What did the dinosaur call her blouse business? Try Sara’s Tops.
  7. Do you know how long dinosaurs lived? The same as short ones.
  8. What dinosaur could jump higher than a house? All of them. Houses can’t jump.
  9. What did Rex say to Woody after eating a toy? You got a friend in me.
  10. What do dinosaurs use on the floors of their kitchens? Rep-tiles.
    Funny dinosaur joke about 'reptiles'
  11. What’s the best thing to do if you see a Tyrannosaurus Rex? Pray that it doesn’t see you.
  12. What sport is a brontosaurus good at? Squash.
  13. What did the T-Rex say at lunchtime? Let's grab a bite!
  14. What came after the dinosaur? Its tail!
  15. What’s green and purple and goes up and down? Barney in an elevator.
  16. What do you call a paleontologist who sleeps all the time? Lazy bones.
  17. What did the dinosaur use to build his house? A dino-saw.
  18. Why does a Brontosaurus have a long neck? Because its feet smell!
  19. What do you get when a dinosaur sneezes? Out of the way as quickly as you can!
  20. What's the best way to raise a baby dinosaur? With a crane!

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