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25 Funny Weather Puns which will blow you away!

Last Updated: September 25, 2022

Our collection of funny weather puns, whether you need a pun related to the sun, the rain or the snow we have you covered. If you want to send us a pun about the weather to add to our list, feel free to submit a pun to us on our submission page

  1. Coming up with weather puns is a breeze.
    Pun about weather being a breeze
  2. I tried to catch some fog, but I mist.
    Fog weather pun
  3. I received a message from the sun, it was enlightening.
    Sunny weather pun
  4. It was a terrible summer for Humpty Dumpty... but he had a great fall.
    Weather pun about fall
  5. People using umbrellas always seem to be under the weather.
    Pun about people being under the weather
  6. The hottest day of the week is Sun-day...
    Hottest day of the week pun
  7. Did you hear of the story of the tornado? There is a twist at the end!
    Weather pun about a tornado
  8. What falls but never hits the ground? The temperature.
    Weather pun related to temperature
  9. Why did the cloud stay at home? It was feeling under the weather.
    Weather funny cloud pun
  10. What do you call a bear caught out in the rain? A drizzily bear.
    Weather pun about a bear
  11. Local weather reports state there won't be any rain for 1 year, but I drought it.
    Local weather report pun
  12. If it really rained cats and dogs, there would be poodles all over the streets.
    Pun about raining cats and dogs
  13. What did one raindrop say to the other? Two's company, three's a cloud.
    Cloud weather pun
  14. Cows lie down in the rain to keep each udder dry.
    Weather pun about cows
  15. When it rains chickens and ducks? You could say it's Fowl weather.
    Weather play on words
  16. How does a spy avoid the rain? He goes undercover.
    Hilarious weather pun about a spy going undercover
  17. I hate windy weather. It really blows.
    Weather pun about hating windy weather
  18. I’m going to discuss global warming on Sunday at a debate. It’s a very heated topic.
    Global warming being a 'heated debate' pun.
  19. Cold and chilly winter weather is snow laughing matter.
    Weather pun about cold and chilly.
  20. The cows lay down in the rain to keep each udder dry.
    Cows keeping each 'udder dry' - weather pun
  21. Lightning storms are always so very striking.
    Lightning storms are always so very striking.
  22. The man who was driving the train got struck by lightning. It's because he was a good conductor.
    Funny weather pun about a train conductor.
  23. When a walking stick makes you walk faster, it's called a ‘hurri-cane'.
    hurricane funny weather pun
  24. A pilot friend of mine took the flight exam and flew past a rainbow. No wonder, he passed with flying colors.
    weather pun about passing with flying colors...
  25. The clouds can be quite rude. They are always throwing shade.
    Weather pun about clouds throwing shade
  26. For those people who live in northern climates, the winter is snow problem.
    For those people who live in northern climates, the winter is snow problem.

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